On Happiness… again

Happiness comes from within. From yourself.

How many times have I heard those words. But I never really got to comprehend it fully. Until now.

I thought I did understand that. I know how simple it is to understand those words put together. I know that you should only rely on yourself to be happy.

But how?

Be happy because you love yourself. Be happy because you choose to be not insecure, or depressed, or frustrated, or angry. Now do not try to over-analyze. It is as simple as that: Happiness is a choice — your choice. Take responsiblity for your own happiness, ALL OF IT. Because then you have full control of your happiness.

Do not:

Rely your happiness on external factors which you cannot control.

Factors such as: career, money, outward success.

Commit to the “End of Suffering Movement”.  😉

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